Our Process


As soon as your order is placed, our partnered LA certified shop pulls the highest quality steel off the shelves and begins the process to make the best workout equipment on the market. The shop then has their LA certified welders, who have been welding for more than 10 years, begin to fuse together the product piece-by-piece. It is then passed through their quality control manager to make sure the welds are straight and free of cracks, holes, and breaks. It is then grinded down to smooth out the welds so that everything is uniform and clean before it is sent to powder coat where it receives a beautiful, durable grey coat that will protect the product from rust and oxidation. This ensures that your product will be able to stand the tests of time. Then before packing, it is checked by their quality control manager once again to ensure that the product is no less than perfect.

Packing and Shipping

After production, our product is put through, not one, not two, but three stages of quality control. The welds, grinding, and powder coat are put through the final test of quality control and is viewed by everyone in the quality control department. This ensures that no little dents, scratches, or bumps are passed by and can be fixed before you receive it. It then receives Pure Steel’s signature pink plaque that is put on every piece of our equipment, and if your equipment has any foam pieces or padding this will be put on the product at this stage as well. It is then put through a quality control check, once again, to make sure the plaque is straight and centered, and all other components are secured and sturdy.

Finally, Pure Steel will receive your product back from the LA certified shop, where it will be quality checked by our team as well. Once signed and approved, our shipping department will include a folder, containing all documents for your equipment, in the box, securely seal the package, and either ship it out or schedule your delivery.

For You

Once your product arrives at your doorstep and you excitingly open the package, you will see why our product outmatches every other workout equipment on the market. From the quality, to your experience, to our people, we strive to make sure that you are part of our family and our outreach to every community. By purchasing from us, you are not only getting the best, but your purchase makes it possible to pursue our mission in donating equipment to schools that need it, bettering our youth and their understanding of health and fitness, and donating proceeds to foundations. You are part of something great and making changes to your communities one step at a time.